In this book you will learn about

40 birds commonly seen in the Dandenong Ranges region.
With photos of birds and descriptions,
you'll be able to start identifying the birds
in your own garden and local parks.

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Just recently, I had the pleasure of reading through Kathie M Thomas’ Children’s Bird Book.

The book has some beautiful photographs of birds, taken by Kathie herself, in the Dandenong Ranges.  This picture book is an excellent choice for any young child.  She has written a short but pertinent account on each of them in very easy to read and understand language that children will most certainly enjoy, readily interpreting the pictures and making connections to the birds they see.

I have to admit, I learned from the book too!  The diary at the back of the book is a superb idea and is a good incentive for children to learn about bird life in their surroundings and document what they see.

Annette Wallace

I found “Words on Birds” to be a very educational book and believe this will be loved by young children so they can read it themselves or for parents to read to their children.

The table at the end of the book will be useful for children to go on excursions and encourage them to learn more about these birds in their natural habitat.

The Dandenong Ranges has many beautiful parks and forests for children to explore with their parents or teachers.

Rabea Ford

Another Reader Review

Christine Meunier

I was recently able to read through Feathered Friends of the Dandenongs by Kathie Thomas.  It’s lovely to see a book that mixes educational facts about birds in a way that is easy for young ones to understand.  An added bonus is the beautiful photos that are provided with the information.

Kathie explores a lot of birds that can be found in the Dandenongs of Victoria, Australia.  Birds covered in the book range from the Australasian Darterbird, right through to Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos.  Forty birds in total are looked at, with photographs for each and details on food, habitat and differences between male and female.

The book is topped off with a table at the end where children can make a note of what birds they’ve seen in their local area and when it was seen.  This book is visually appealing and an easy read, sure to engage the younger bird lover.

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About the Author

Keen nature and garden photographer

Kathie Thomas

Kathie has written and published several books. From small ebooks that relate to working from home and being a Virtual Assistant through to novels about being “Worth More Than Rubies” and another called “It Happened By Design“, both of which grew out of blogs she writes.

“Words on Birds” is her first children’s book and here she combines her love of photography, along with her personal interest in birds, particularly in the Dandenong Ranges region, where she lives.  On a 2 acre property she recalls only seeing about a dozen different birds when they first shifted there over 10 years ago, but today, it’s well over 30 species visiting. This is due, she believes, to the increased plantings on the property, providing a wide mix of bushes, plants and trees for a variety of birds. Plus they always have water available for the birdlife too.

We hope that you will enjoy this book and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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